PartPart #DescriptionQuantity
Fender 99-05 Right Front New$80.002
Fender99-05 Left Front New$80.002
Hood99-05 New$150.001
Bumper Cover99-05 New$80.001
Grille with Chrome99-05 New60.001
Grille without Chrome99-0540.001
HeadlightRT OEM VW Hella 99-05125.001
HeadlightLT OEM VW Hella 99-05125.001
Engines2.5 450.005
Lower Grille Right 05-09 w/Chrome40.003
Lower Grille Center05-09 w/Chrome40.003
Lower Grille Left05-09 w/Chrome40.003
Fender 05-09 Right Front68.001
Fender05-09 Left68.001
Radiator Jetta 3 89.00 *2
Radiator99-05 Golf/Jetta 2.0120.002
Radiator98-05 New Beetle120.001
Headlight 2011 UP Jetta LorR 185.005
Drivers Front DoorJetta/Golf 99-05 Used Call For Price and Availability 
Drivers Rear DoorJetta/Golf 99-05 UsedCall For Price and Availability 
Passenger Front DoorJetta/Golf 99-05 UsedCall For Price and Availabilty 
Passenger Rear DoorJetta/Golf 99-05 UsedCall for Price and Availabilty 
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